Dan Wilkinson
Vice President, Revenue Management & Strategic Planning

Dan is responsible for driving top-line revenue and profitability and guiding major cross-commercial strategic projects across the company.

Dan's Travel Style:
• World traveler virtuoso
• Europe vacation expert
• Family-beach oriented

More About Dan

Dan Wilkinson is Vice President of Revenue Management (RM) and Strategic Planning at Delta Vacations, a Delta Air Lines company. In this position, he is responsible for driving the company’s top-line revenue and profitability and developing and steering major cross-commercial strategic projects across the enterprise.

Since joining Delta Vacations in 2017, Dan’s RM role has been integral in helping the company reach its highest ever top line revenue and profitability. He has been critical in crystalizing the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer experience focus which is also at all-time highs. In his partnership with IT, Dan led the business conversion to Agile Methodology while also helping to establish Delta Vacations' first ever web development team.

Prior to joining Delta Vacations, Dan led the strategy and direction for a multi-billion dollar portfolio in Delta’s Revenue Management division. With more than 15 years of airline industry experience, Dan’s career spans several leadership roles in commercial functions at Delta including Finance, Operations, Loyalty Marketing/International Partnerships and Revenue Management. Before joining Delta, Dan spent time in both the law and justice realms as well as personal finance.

Dan received a Bachelor's degree at Taylor University in Indiana and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Emory University in Atlanta. In his spare time, Dan volunteers as a youth counselor for juvenile offenders as well as various tutoring programs. He also partners with organizations focused on poverty and homelessness and enjoys playing soccer and traveling with his family.