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スカイマイル アジア シェアマイルプログラムは、新規のご利用登録、および、シェアマイル・メンバー追加の受付を終了いたしました。利用登録がお済みの方は、有効期限まで引き続きシェアマイルプログラムをご利用いただけます。マイル移行のお申込みには、「今すぐシェア」ボタンをクリックしてください。



Share Miles

  • What is Share Miles?

    The Share Miles program allows a SkyMiles member to sign up to four (4) SkyMiles members into their Share Miles network for a fee. A share miles network is valid for one (1) year. Once the fee is paid, the Primary network holder can move miles to and from their Designees' accounts at no additional charge. There is no limit to the number of times that miles can be transferred, or the number of miles that can be transferred during the year. The fee for this program is $200 USD initially, which includes one Designee, and then $100 USD for each additional Designee thereafter. A maximum of four (4) Designees are allowed in each network. A valid American Express, Visa®, MasterCard, Diners Club, or JCB credit card that has a billing address in Asia Pacific is acceptable for payment.


  • How Long Is My Share Miles Network Valid?

    Share Miles networks are valid for one (1) year from the date of creation and can be renewed annually.  


  • Does My Share Miles Network Need To Be The Same Each Year?

    No. Each year, you can create a new Share Miles network with up to four (4) new Designees if you would like.



  • Who Can Participate In Share Miles?

    SkyMiles members with a mailing address in Asia assigned to their SkyMiles account can participate in this program.

  • Do I Need To Sign Up Four (4) Designees Initially When I Create My Network?

    No. When you create your network, you pay $200 USD which covers the cost of registering plus one Designee. If you would like, you can add the other three at the same time, however you do not have to. Designees can be added to your network at anytime throughout the year of your membership.



  • Can I Change My Designees Throughout The Year?

    No. Members have the opportunity to add Designees throughout the year until they reach a total of 4, however there are no deletions or changes allowed.

  • How Do I Move Miles With Share Miles?

    The Share Miles Program is an online program which allows the Primary network holder to move miles between their account and any of the Designees as often as they wish. Simply complete the form online to move the miles.



  • How Does The Recipient Receive The Miles?

    The miles will be automatically deposited into the member's account within 24 hours after you complete the form requesting the mileage transfer. The recipient will receive an email notification of the transfer if their email address is provided.



  • What Does Share Miles Cost?

    Share Miles costs $200 USD initially, which includes the initiation fee for one Designee in the network. Up to 3 additional Designee's can be added to the network for a charge of $100 USD per person.



  • Will The Miles I Move Expire?

    No, SkyMiles do not expire. Your miles will stay active even if you do not purchase a flight or have any other account activity — the miles currently in your account and those earned in the future are yours to keep regardless of account activity. ただし、現在の連絡先として正しい情報がデルタ航空に記録されていることをご確認ください。お客様の口座に関してデルタ航空からご連絡を差し上げた際にご連絡がつかない場合、デルタ航空は未使用の口座を閉鎖する権利を有します。



  • 特典旅行はすぐに獲得できるのですか?

    マイルをいち早く貯めて、特典旅行を獲得していただくことが可能です。Roundtrip Award Tickets within Asia are available for as few as 20,000 miles. In order to reach the 20,000 mile threshold faster, you can fly on Delta Air Lines or one of our many airline partners, or purchase goods or services from one of our many SkyMiles partners. マイルの獲得方法については、マイルの獲得をご覧ください。

  • Do Miles Moved In The Share Miles Program Help My Recipient Or Me Qualify For Medallion® Status? 

    No. Transferred miles do not count toward Medallion status qualification.



  • Which Credit Cards May I Use To Pay For Share Miles?

    You may use any valid American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club or JCB credit card that has a billing address in Asia Pacific. The credit card name does not have to match the name of the person transferring the miles.



  • Is The Personal Order Information I Provide Confidential?

    Yes. We strongly believe in the preservation of your privacy. The information you provide is used solely to complete the mileage transfer process and will not be shared or sold.



  • Is My Online Purchase Secure?

    Protecting your order is a priority. The Asia Share Miles experience is powered by Delta and make every effort to protect your online order information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts your order information to avoid the decoding of that information by anyone other than Delta and To check the security of your connection, look at the lower right-hand corner of your browser window after accessing the server. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your browser), then SSL is active.



  • If I Contact Skymiles Account Support, Can I Speed Up Moving Of The Miles?

    No. The Share Miles Program is an online program and the Service Center is not able to process transfer requests of this type.



  • If I Move Miles, Will There Be Award Seats Available?

    Award Travel seat inventory is dynamic and always changing. Delta cannot guarantee availability. Travel to prime destinations during peak periods may require unrestricted inventory which requires additional miles to secure those seats. 特典旅行のお座席の空き状況は、フライト、旅行日、混雑状況、季節、運航都市、その他さまざまな要因により変動します。



  • Why Might I Get A "Name Mismatch" Error?

    The name you enter must exactly match the name that was originally provided to SkyMiles when the member signed up for the mileage program. To correct this, please ensure you are using the correct version of the name and check with the SkyMiles member if there is question.




With Share Miles programs, you can share the miles you've earned with family and friends with applicable fees. A valid credit card with a billing address in Asia Pacific is required. Share Miles will not count toward Elite status. To learn more about the programs, please visit Asia Share Miles. Program Terms and Conditions apply.

スカイマイル会員資格、マイル、特典、マイルの獲得・利用、特典旅行には、スカイマイルプログラムの全利用規約が適用されます。To review the rules, please visit the SkyMiles Memberguide. Taxes and fees for award travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is booked. 特典旅行および無償アップグレードの座席数は限られており、一部路線および地域によってはご利用いただけない場合もございますので、ご了承ください。デルタ航空は、ボーナスマイルキャンペーン参加企業が提供する商品やサービスに関しては責任を負いかねます。提携会社の特典は、各社の規約に準拠します。詳しくは各キャンペーンの規約をご確認ください。提携会社、特典、およびキャンペーンは変更される場合があります。特典は、法律で禁止されている国または地域では無効となります。その他制限事項が適用されます。